Punjab History Timeline

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500,000 Years: Pre-historic and Proto-historic existence of early mankind

2500 - 1500 BCE: Harappa Culture

2500 - 700 BCE: Rigvedic Aryan Civilization

599 BCE: Jainism

567 - 487 BCE: Buddha

550 BCE - 600 CE: Buddhism remained prevalent

550 - 515 BCE: Persian Invasion to west of Indus River

326 BCE: Alexander's Invasion

322 - 298 BCE: Chandra Gupta Maurya Period

273 - 232 BCE: Ashoka's Period

125 - 160 BCE: Rise of the Sakas (Scythians known as Jat ancestors)

2 BCE: Beginning of Rule of the Sakas.

45 - 180 CE: Rule of the Kushanas

320 - 550 CE: Gupta Empire

500 CE: Hunnic Invasion

510 - 650 CE: Vardhanas Era

647 - 1192 CE: Rajput Period

713 - 1300 CE: Muslim Invaders (Turks and Arabs) famous invaders like Mahmud Gori and Mahmud Ghazni

8th Century CE: Arabs capture Sind and Multan

1450 - 1700 CE: Mughal Rulers

1469 - 1539 CE: Guru Nanak Dev Ji (1st Sikh Guru)

1539 - 1675 CE: Period of 8 Sikh Gurus from Guru Angad Dev Ji to Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji

1675 - 1708 CE: Guru Gobind Singh Ji (10th Sikh Guru)

1699 CE: Birth of the Khalsa

1708 - 1715 CE: Conquests of Banda Bahadur

1716 - 1759 CE: Sikh struggle against Moghul Governors

1739 CE: Invasion of Nadir Shah

1748 -1769 CE: Ahmed Shah Abdali's nine invasions

1762 CE: 2nd Holocaust (Ghalughara) from Ahmed Shah's 6th invasion

1764 - 1799 CE: Rule of the Sikh Misls

1799 - 1839 CE: Rule by Maharaja Ranjit Singh

1849 CE: Annexation of Punjab

1849 - 1947 CE: British Rule

1947 CE: Partition of India thus Punjab into 2 parts the Eastern part became the Indian Punjab and the Western part the Pakistan Punjab

1966 CE: Punjab in India divided into 3 parts on Linguistic basis

(Haryana, Himachal and Punjabi suba the present Punjab)

1984 CE: Operation Blue Star and its aftermath

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